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Microsoft Word 2021 – the best choice for text documents

Would you like to create your text documents even more easily and intuitively in the future? Then Microsoft Word 2021 will be an excellent basis. The program not only convinces from a visual point of view with new designs, but also offers numerous functions. This makes it easy to rely on an innovative and new solution from a technical point of view as well. But how exactly does Word lead to a better application? We will present this to you in a little more detail right here with us.


Extensive functions for professional documents

For several versions now, Word has been able to clearly supplement its own image as a pure platform for new documents. In the meantime, innovative designs can be implemented, which can be added with just a few clicks, similar to PowerPoint. At the same time, Microsoft Word 2021 gives you access to all the usual functions and content of the growing library, so that you can develop your own content further in just a few steps. At this point, the new Word also follows the clear approach of simplifying and noticeably optimizing the creation of important documents in the long run.

The possibilities for formatting and design have also developed noticeably on this basis. Thanks to the numerous form templates, it is easy to use Microsoft Word 2021 for specific documents and to make use of modern functions. Not only in the form of classic texts, but also specifically for menus, for resumes, for tables or for essays, Word offers the desired designs to help each user in the best possible way.

Our version comparison – Word 2021 vs. Word 2019

In direct comparison to the previous version of Word, a lot has changed. This applies, for example, to the promotion of active collaboration, which is visible, for example, in the integration of the very popular Microsoft Team. Complementary to this, however, there are many other developments with Microsoft Word 2021, which we have summarized for you in the following table:


Microsoft Word 2019

Microsoft Word 2021

Easy task management



Practical design suggestions



Provision of Line Focus



Easy conversion to PDF format



Adaptation directly to Windows 11



Improved settings for languages                    Yes


Deploy dark mode



Integrated cooperation with MS Teams



More efficiency around the creation of important texts

The numerous functions impressively show that Microsoft Word 2021 is now much better positioned for commercial use. Even though the focus is on use in conjunction with Windows 11, Microsoft Word 2021 can still be used with the previous version of the operating system without any problems. At the same time, the performance and control with Microsoft Word 2021 are once again clearly better and more modern in a direct comparison.

When it comes to working securely without data loss, the new Word becomes the best approach due to its direct linkage with the cloud. Thus, the automatic saving function also becomes one of the key services of the system to ensure the best work in the long run. This applies not only to simple text documents but also to confidential and thus sensitive content. Even these can be retrieved with the appropriate authorization thanks to the highly optimized collaboration now both at home and directly from the PC in the office.

Buy Microsoft Word 2021

Buy Microsoft Word 2021 directly here at YourLicenseKey

If you now want to buy Microsoft Word 2021 yourself, you can get the right key for the new software from us. So you rely on the many innovations in the field of text creation and benefit in the long run from easier collaboration. Both for private purposes and for collaborative work on documents in the company, you are thus optimally secured. Therefore, do not wait any longer, but decide now for Microsoft Word 2021.


System requirements:

Supported operating system

  • Windows 10
  • Windows 11
  • the three latest versions of Apple MacOS

Hardware requirements

Microsoft Windows – Dual Core Prozessor – 1.1 GHz – RAM 4 GB – HD 4 GB
Apple MacOS – RAM 4 GB – HD 10 GB

Additional requirements

Internet connection

Properties: “Microsoft Word 2021”
Office Applications:
Operating System:
macOS Big Sur
macOS Monterey
macOS Ventura
Windows 10
Windows 11

Additional information




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