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Avira Internet Security Suite

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Get your very own internet companion!

stay safe, choose the best option, and take the right measures when going online before you expose your devices to any kind of danger. Avira Internet Security Suite 2023-2024 is exactly what you need to enjoy the safe online experience you deserve as it defends your device and eliminates any possible risk as well as it backs your password and manages them.


Install the latest and greatest Avira Internet Security

Privacy and security are what everyone needs in these times. Explore and browse the web the way you desire, without having to worry about any external malware that tries to steal your personal data and information. Install one of the best internet security suites in terms of performance and protection, and enjoy a seamless experience with no interruptions. Get Avira Internet Security now.

Automatic Web Protection

In this day and age, 1.7 million web attacks are detected every day. You can no longer trust websites and advertisements. Whether you’re surfing, shopping, banking, or even updating social media, you’re always susceptible to harm, but Avira Internet Security got your back by blocking infected sites, scanning downloads and email attachments. Therefore, Avira Internet Security offers real-time protection against malware, viruses, phishing, and more.

Automatic Updates

Avira Internet Security keeps you updated by providing constant software, driver, and os updates. It detects and notifies you of any outdated software on your pc. Malware is increasing by the day, coming up with new algorithms and ways to harm your device and steal your personal data, but Avira Internet Security provides you with early releases and gives you access to the latest updates making it ready 100% of the time for protecting you.

Password Manager

Browser security is not enough for protecting your passwords, because they are unencrypted and vulnerable. That is why Avira Internet Security is packed with several unique features like password sync for backing up your passwords, a password generator for creating and managing them, and two-factor authentication for fortifying your security measures. Avira Internet Security doesn’t stop there, because it also provides you with 256-bit encryption bank-grade security.